Quick Release Handstrap for Sony RX100, other pocket cameras

I really wanted a light-weight hand strap for my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV, and I found one with a quick release connector. I liked it so much I bought a bunch of them to share with fellow photographers who are using any of the RX100 series cameras or other pocket-sized digital cameras. Each strap comes with a quick release loop that can be attached to the camera (I poke dental floss through the tiny strap mount on the camera, and pull the quick release loop through.) Buy two of these and you can do like I often do: attach a loop to both sides of the camera and knot the handstraps together to make a light-weight removable neckstrap. These are small enough to ship in a #10 envelope, so postage/shipping is free! You pay $4.95. Available only to US addresses.