Now that David Busch’s Sony Alpha SLT-A99 Guide to Digital Photography is out of print, hard copies have been selling for $100 or more.  I’m flattered, but the book isn’t worth the exhorbitant prices asked.  I’m making it available as a printable PDF for download to your Windows or Mac computer, smart phone, or tablet.   You can also order copies of my Sony DSC-RX100 V Guide to Photography and my Sony a99 II Guide to Digital Photography in Kindle, PDF, iBook, Nook, and other formats. (Printed versions of these should be available in June.)

Find what you’re looking for at Laserfaire Press.


Buy my new Sony a6300 book now!

My new book on the Sony a6300/ILCE-6300 is off the presses and available for purchase right now, in both printed and ebook versions.  If you want both, my publisher, Rocky Nook, has a very attractive bundle that gives you both the ebook and print versions for $49.95.  Essentially, you get the ebook for just $10.00 more than the printed version alone.  I also have a very limited number of autographed copies for those who enjoy having personalization from the author.  Click one of these links to get your copy.

(Print and combos should be available within a few days.)


 (If you want signed any special way, let me know.)




My best-selling Sony a6000 book is back in print!

My well-reviewed Sony a6000 guidebook, out of print for the last six months, has been adopted by Rocky Nook.  It should be available in both printed and Kindle, Nook, and PDF formats by late-May/early June.  Thanks for your patience!  Don’t pay the $100-$700 this book is going for on eBay and elsewhere.  It’s a good book, but not worth it!  Thanks for your patience after my original publisher closed its photo book division.

My Sony a7 II Series Lens and Gear Guide Coming

Sony TrinityI’ve had requests for links that provide more information on the various lenses, accessories, flash units, and other gear that I use with my Sony equipment.   Using Amazon, the 21st Century’s equivalent of the “Wish Book,” I’ll be adding lists for each of these categories in the near future.

First up is a list of my favorite lenses, which you can find here:

I’ll be evaluating and recommending flash units, both Sony and third party, as well as Metabones and Sony lens adapters that let you mount Sony/Minolta A-Mount and Canon EF/EF-S lenses on your full-frame mirrorless cameras.

My Sony a7R II/a7 II book is now available.

a7coverThe ebook version of my new Sony a7R II/a7 II book is available immediately.  Just click on the book cover image to pay and then download your ebook.  You should be able to pre-order the printed version, which will be available before the end of January.

Latest news on my Sony a6000 book: This book is due to be taken over by a new publisher who will schedule more printings of this book early in 2016.  Nobody (except me and thousands of other Sony fans) anticipated just how popular the a6000 would be, and the need for a guidebook that’s better than Sony’s “manual.”

At present, my Sony a6000 book is available only as an ebook.   Click the E-Mail Me tab for more information.